On Grid

Installing a Solar System is the Best Investment anyone could make for their House / Apartment / Office / factory / Hospital / Institutions etc., to save on the cost of power, get isolated from increase in Power tariffs over a period of 25 years.



1. DC power produced by Solar Photo-Voltaic Modules is converted to AC Power thro an ON-GRID Inverter and Is Fed to the BI-DIRECTIONAL NET METER and thro this to the Utility points in the House/Office etc.,

2. Power Generated from Solar is used up first and in case of additional power requirement the same is taken from the Grid (Electricity Board).

3. In case the Solar Produces power and the same does not find an Use like during Non Usage, Vacations etc., the same is sent to the Grid thro the Bi-Directional Meter.

4. The consumer will be billed for the nett units consumed (difference between Units consumed from grid and Units generated thro Solar).

5. Segregation of load is not required.

6. Most economical system as Battery is not part of it.


On Grid Systems

  • This Type of Solar system is used when provision for Bi-Directional Net Meter is not Available (due to Govt. Norms etc.,).
  • DC power from Solar Modules is converted to AC power through an ON-GRID Inverter and used along with Grid power to power the utility.
  • Is case of Non availability of Utility / Load the power produced from Solar modules cannot be used for Off setting with the Grid Power, in this case.